Monday, November 15, 2010

New boat for 2011

After much thought....I have decided to move into a 26' center console inboard diesel......It is the cats ass!!!...Beautiful layout....No outboard to catch clousers onto anymore......fully bolstered, wicked nice smooth ride......ARE YA READY?!!

Seasons End....

Hello Blog Fans.....Sorry for the lack of posting lately....It's not because we haven't fished because we have. It's just that the fishing has been minimal due to the WIND like I have never seen it blow before!
I lost 17 trips in Sept and Oct due to the WIND and peoples inability to reschedule. As u can imagine, that put a serious dent in my seasons earnings but that's fishing and part of being in the business that you have no control over.
Last Saturday we hooked a giant bluefin around 700lbs and had him right at the boat b4 the hook broke....It was bittersweet.....We did catch a very nice Porbeagle Shark, *my first* and released a 71" butterball.
A trip into the drink was also ordered up due to my mate getting a line caught in the prop.....*grrrrrrgrin*