Friday, April 9, 2010

What's new

We are well into spring FINALLY. It was in the 70's the other day, so the cover came off the boat and the top was stripped of all the hardware and wiring and is now ready to head to Fastech middle of next week. I'm pretty excited about the new top and it will give us a place to hide on those downpours that seemed to be all to frequent last June! Can't really complain because damned the fishing was HOT!
Im pondering the new gear list this year. Last year the addition of 4 STELLAS was a huge investment. The reels held up great on the large tuna. Anything else that hooked a fish I had my doubts about. I am looking at possibly getting a few of the new PENN TORQUE spinners as designated jigging reels on the short standup spinners....They will be used to exclusively toss RONZ and the like. Maybe a couple of FinNor Marquesas as well....All I know is I am expecting the bluefin to be around the 200lb mark this season. There is NO room for marginal or so-so tackle in this fishery....These fish can be whipped on light tackle and we have been doing it with awesome results....
Alot of new tackle has come out the last year for these fish and were anxious to try it out.
I expect to be fishing full time by May 15-20. In the interim, I am getting ready to celebrate the half century mark next week. That's right folks....Good ol Jeffie is turning 50!!..Holy crapola!!!...Never thought I would live to see the day. To tell you the truth, I am feeling pretty damned good. To date, i have lost 32lbs this winter and have worked out with the weights really hard, changed my diet and all that other stuff your supposed to do..
If you haven't got your dates in for this summer, think about doing so....
Looking forward to catching up with all of you this summer OTW!!