Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Title- Early Season Bass and Sun

The first striped bass of the season are finding their way into Cape Cod waters a little later this year. Temperatures were cooler than last year at this time so things are definitely getting off to a later start. With the cooler temperatures we have had bright sunshine and clear days. This is great for sight fishing early season fish on the flats but it can also lead to getting too much sun. Years of sun damage can take a toll which is why it is important to stay ahead of the game.
It's easy to get burned early in the season particularly when the weather is cooler. That makes proper skin and eye protection all that much more important. Right now most of the fish around the Cape are back in the estuaries and creeks where good visibility is often important. Even an inexpensive pair of glasses can provide some safety from UV damage while also protecting the eyes from flying hooks. A good quality promotional sunscreen should be applied first thing in the morning even prior to the heat of the day and then again every few hours throughout the day for maximum protection. Always remember to use gloves when applying as the scent can be transferred to baits and either way your hands will be slippery if you aren't careful. A good hat is also essential to keep the sun off your nose and face. Most good captains will use high end sunglasses but not everyone can afford the latest and greatest in polarization and lens technology. Carrying a couple of pairs of inexpensive sunglasses on board is always a good idea for those clients that forget to bring their own or end up dropping them overboard during the day. Something with good UV protection or a rating of UV400 is best along with good polarization. PromoManagers has provided me with good service and a selection of fishing friendly promotional items over the last couple of years including tools, hats, sunglasses and sun screens all of which included a logo, setup and ground delivery.
Having had skin cancer surgery a year and a half ago, I cannot stress the importance of having a tube of sunscreen handy in every little compartment on my boat and truck
PromoManagers can provide you with marketing sunscreen and a host of other products that will help promote your business!
UPDATE:  I sold my boat this spring but will still be running it. How cool is that?  Well so far, WAY COOL!  It takes all the financial overhead away and let's me concentrate on doing what I love best.  "Seeing other people catch fish"!  Nothing has changed with my business other than the fact that rates have gone up a wee bit this year due to the never ending change in diesel fuel costs on the Outer Cape.
As many of you know, I am a full-time REALTOR now.  Like any new business, I have put my head down this winter and worked and promoted myself and things are finally taking shape.  PromoManagers has been great as my promotional CALLJEFFSMITH supplier.  Take a look at their website for all your promotional needs.
First trip is May 14th!  Whoop whoop!!....
Keep an eye out here for reports and photos soon!


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