Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I had a long winded short story typed up but lost it due to a computer re-start while talking to my buddy doug baz on the phone...*just another reason to hate you doug* , so here is the short version.I had Jeffrey Cardenas onboard monday and tuesday looking to break the 8kg world record for fly caught tuna...Well we hooked him but as I suspected broke the class tippet after 10 or so minutes...I had an awesome time fishing with Jeffrey and am pretty sure we are friends for life. He is an immensely talented, worded, and successful individual who I am proud to be introduced to years ago *thanks Steve L* We hooked two and landed none but had alot of shots...The two days with Jeffrey reminded me why I do what I do...I am insanely addicted to big fish on the fly as is Jeffrey and he considers these Cape Cod bluefin the ultimate saltwater flyfishing challenge. I couldn't agree more and if your getting tired of catching, gaffing these fish on hardware then you might consider trying to get one of these fish on feathers. There aint *NOTHING* else like it.. Here are a few pics from the outing...*thanks Jaydreamin*!



Hi Jeff,
Nice to hear from you! I have missed you guys. It is nice to hear about your daughter; we also have a daughter who will be four tomorrow. I really like your website/blog and also the pics on them. Great photographer! You can email me on my blog and we can catch up.
Take care, Raul

Jeffrey Cardenas said...

I just returned from the 2008 Fly Tackle Retailer Show in Denver where Capt. Jeff Smith is an iconic hero in the fly fishing industry for his magnificent performance on the bluefin grounds at Cape Cod. Fifty years from now when the history of this sport is being written, Jeff Smith will be among those pioneers who figured out how to catch large bluefin tuna on fly tackle. I am immensely proud to have shared time on his boat.
Jeffrey Cardenas
Key West