Monday, November 9, 2009


has sung......Ayup....We drug her around awhile but she has finally sung her tune...At least for my ride that is. We have been playing the last few weeks....Notice I say *playing*. Buds getting together and heading out in one of our rides. We have had alot of fun...No stress, hungry fish and COLD water temps. We all have survival suits and practice getting in them and have the confidence in each other that if something happens then we can rely on each other. I haven't done trips since the water temp fell below 55 degrees....
I was planning on fishing today but was stricken buy a nasty bug that my lovely daughter brought home from school. I fought it the best I could but it got the better of me the past 3 days until I finally succumed to a hot toddy and 3 blankets, a waste basket and a box of tissues....
I finally felt well enough to get outside today and plant some spring bulbs....Wasn't long before I could tell I was over doing it.
Now enough about me....Let's size up this season....
First off I would like to thank everyone who went out with me this year. I was really worried the buisness was not going to be there due to the economy but you all proved me wrong. We were able to match last years buisness which was my best season to date. Pre bookings were 60% down but when the fish showed and we got down to buisness the inquirys started flowing.
Fishing wise it was another great year. We caught alot of nice bass on fly and light tackle...Had incredible topwater bluefish action and had another epic year on the tuna. We did our first albie trip and caught 9 fish on our first outing...I look forward to doing more of these trips next year.
The fishing has changed somewhat over the last 5 years but you just have to change with it.
This season I had the pleasure of fishing with Thomas Michael of Steelfin Reels fame who now owns Global A european fishing magazine. They booked me for 4 days for bluefin on spin and fly for an article....The weather that week was the ABSOLUTE PITTS but we were able to get in some action and catch a few fish.
Bookings for 2010 have already begun and if you would like to reserve some dates for next season then shoot me an email and let me know your plans.
I intend to update this blog with winter activity with photos and musings so don't put it on the back burner just yet...;)


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