Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a surprise!

in the mail today......I picked up a package with Germany return address and recognized the name....Thomas Michael booked me for 5 days this past September in hopes of filming big bluefin on the fly and light tackle. We had horrible weather the first two days and opted to do albie fishing which we got some great footage on. Day 3 looked promising....We had doable weather but the fish were just not on the feed possibly due to the prior wind...Day 4 looked good and we got alot of WHACKS on the light tackle and eventually caught a 60-70lb fish but we were hoping to get some of the 150+lb fish on film....We hooked up but lost one of this class and have several more boils and grabs throughout the day but just could not GET IT DONE!..arrgh!...The final day was blown out and that was that....
Thomas had told me he was the owner of Steelfin flyreels which is no longer in production due to overhead costs of such high machining. He said he had enough parts to put together one for me and well today it showed up!!...What a work of art and engineering ingenuity!!...It feels so comfortable with the dropped forward seat. I'm surprised more offshore reel makers do not follow this trend.
Anyway a big thank you to Thomas...You guys are a-ok in my book!!

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