Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few thoughts!

As you all know the gulf spill is an enviormental, economic CATASTROPHE. The thoughts of things to come visit me as nightmares while I sleep. With that said, if you understand the migration patterns of the mighty bluefin tuna you know that they spawn in the gulf. The bluefin may survive this or change their patterns, but the enviormentalists and feds want to put the endangered logo on these fish. The spill just may do that. If that happens then you can say bye bye to fishing for these magnificent fish!!
Tuna fishing has been hot this week....Many fly opportunities for fish up to 200lbs if you have the right gear. My boat is equipped with 15k dollars worth of the highest end light tackle and fly tuna gear that money can buy. My suggestion to anyone contemplating going out with me is to do it soon.....You never know when the feds will shut it down.....
I have the next week full but free up after that.....

Best fishes


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