Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Outlook

Hello faithful readers. As you saw in my last post I purchased a new boat for the 2011 season. I am full of hopes and high expectations for this craft for my customers this coming year. It will easily take 4 anglers plus myself. Even tho we did take 4 on the speedcraft while bass fishing it was always tight and uncomfortable at best. I would not take 4 tuna fishing but will on the new boat. This will make a tuna trip quite affordable for a group of 4 and for the normal 2 or 3 we will have even more room to run around on the deck. No more fighting fish and getting nervous around the outboard....I cannot wait!!
Alot has to be done to the boat before she is commissioned this spring but we are on the right track. I just finished winterizing her and will now start the process of adding rod racks, electronics, and any other items I feel necessary.
June is half booked now and so if you want prime bass/tuna dates in the awesome month of June u should contact me ASAP.

Till next tide......


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Capt Paul Mandella said...

Beautful looking boat Capt!!! Best of luck with your new ride in the coming season!!!

Tight lines to you in 2011
Capt Paul