Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Update

Sorry it has been a month since I last updated the blog. It has been a very busy season to date with very few days off. I was flat out from May 28th to July4th. A few days off after that to do so much needed maintenance on the boat and truck and am now flat out again busy for the month of July. August has alot of openings so do not think I am too busy to fit you into my schedule.
Bass fishing has been fairly strong, even at the end of the first week of commercial bass fishing we were able to put some very nice fish in the boat the last week.
Tuna fishing has been up and down. I have some tuna trips coming up this week and look forward to getting a fish or two in the boat. It's a different fishery from years past but if your willing to put in the time and effort and go to Vegas and gamble it can be a catch of a lifetime on light tackle.
Recently I went sharking south of the vineyard for grins and giggles.....We had alot of fun on blue sharks to 300lbs and one mako around 100lbs. I was using fairly light tackle for them and we could still muscle them to the boat in fairly short order. For years I have been wanting to throw a chum fly at these critters and maybe we will do that in August when the bassing and tuna start to slow. If you would like to try it or just fish for them the conventional way with baits and ballons on light tackle or standup, give me a shout and we will plan an outing......
Till next time..............

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