Thursday, April 12, 2012

Promotional Products for boaters and fisherman

With the weather and waters warming,  thoughts are beginning to turn towards the early season fishing on Cape Cod. Captains are busy readying their boats for a busy season, applying bottom coat, working out electronic gremlins, fixing dings from last year and testing safety equipment. Reels are being spooled, hooks sharpened and tackle organized in preparation for the first reports of breaking fish.
With all the preparation underway for the physical tools of the trade one important component is overlooked. Although we all look forward to the warm sunny days that June and July will bring the sun is strong and tough on the fisherman. It fades gelcoat, seat cushions, t-tops and fisherman. An important part of any tackle box should be the sunscreens, hats and sunglasses that shield us from the UV rays the sun pounds down on us. The water acts like a mirror reflecting it back at us even when we think we're under the cover of the top or cabin.   PromoManagers provides a solution for the charter captain looking to promote their brand while protecting themselves (and their sports) with promotional sunscreens, sunglasses and hats. The key here is expense. Anything on a boat is going to get stepped on, bloody, blown overboard or end up walking away at the end of the day.  Designer hats may look great but they still sink. Those expensive sunglasses are great for the Captain because he'll keep track of them but what about the sport that forgot his? Store bought sun lotions have so much scent and additives any fish within about a fifty mile radius will swim the other way. Inexpensive promotional sunglasses with the charter logo on them or the basic sunscreens with no scent, additives or colorings will come in handy in a pinch and work much better as a branding tool versus a magnet or pen that'll get lost within days. Even better would be a cap which helps to keep sun off the nose and forehead, two areas that take a ton of abuse on the water.
As you all know, I am a charter captain and spend virtually everyday on the water from May till November.  I have no Irish in my blood to my knowledge and no family history of skin cancer.  This winter I underwent MOHS surgery on my nose which basically side lined me for 3 months.  My nose has been physically altered to get all the cancerous cells that were hiding under the skin for several years.  On the boat, I would sometimes have sunscreen and sometimes not.  Somedays I would apply it liberally in the am and sometimes twice a day.  After this experience I can assure you that you can never have too much sunscreen at your disposal. 
I like PromoManagers because they market high quality sunscreen, hats and glasses with my logo on it.  When people see my logo on that tube of sunscreen they will want to apply it so that they don’t end up with ice packs, stitches and bandages on their nose for 3 plus months.  Besides the obvious, it is a great way for me to promote my business with these products.
Have a brand you want marketed?  Give my friends at PromoManagers a call and see what they can do for you.


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