Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today I had repeat customer Carlton Dukess onboard....Carlton wanted to spend some time learning to flyfish but there have been some bruiser fish on the move through the canal and I asked Carlton if he wanted to learn to flyfish or to go out and search and destroy. Search and destroy won the toin toss and my buddy Kevin White gave me a call not to long after we cleared the jetty and said he had found a good bunch with nobody on them....After a 10 minute run we slid up and first drop Carlton gets a nice 40".....After a few mid 30" fish he gets another 40"....These were beautiful fat bass....The tide died and we ran around looking for some more action and found it but there were a TON of boats on these fish and we opted to go over to Brewster and start that fly fishing lesson....Nice half day trip with Mr. Dukess!

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