Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week up to 6/14

Nothing short of outstanding fishing the past week. All we can hope for is that the winds stay light and the fishing strong!

We had some exceptional bass fishing the past week with many fish over 40". What really got exciting is that the tuna showed and mixed in with the bass schools...Luckily we had the tackle onboard and got on them when the opportunities presented themselves...These fish are incredibly strong and might be too taxing for some anglers.....If your interested in pursuing them then make sure you start eating your Wheaties NOW..;)

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Richard said...


Sus and I were sorry we had to leave on the last day we had you “booked”. However, we had to make the dash for home to care for all the fresh TUNA we had packed in ice, on board. We talked and rambled on like little kids all the way home (61/2 hours of oriental philosophy about our good fortune).

I have to be totally honest and say that I have never had such a quality fishing experience in my life. This includes Atlantic Salmon in their heyday at Ungava Bay, Strippers from the beach during the fall migration, steelhead during the height of the run, and living on the W. Br. Delaware River.

I hope you can impart the awe and respect to others that you demonstrated to us concerning your outstanding fishery. I have never even hoped to see so many tuna or strippers on the surface; it was awe inspiring to say the least. The hardest time I have ever spent was the 10 minutes I held the boat in neutral waiting for the bait balls to reform, with a “wild man” in the bow (ok ,ok so someone is bound to agree with you that I was just screwed up again and couldn’t remember how to get the throttle to engage!)

All our best wishes, and please remember to re-book us for next year.