Saturday, July 26, 2008

90210 Miami

Yesterday I had Dr. Sean Simon onboard. Sean is a plastic surgeon who has his own practice in Miami, FL. We had a full day planned of light tackle bass and blues...He met me at the dock at 5;30 am to a downpour....I still wanted to get out since I had hoped to do some unobstructed drifts before the circus showed up. After a wet ride to the grounds we promptly put two keepers in the boat and several bluefish.....As the tide slacked the fishing died and the doggies showed up which ate our plastics with abandon. Waiting on the turn we started talking about boob jobs, and debating real vs plastic. I've been fortunate to sample both so have a pretty biased opinion.. At noon my buddy Scott Simard called and was on the hunt for tuna that day with a couple of his friends. He said they were hooked up and he was only a mile from us so we opted to make a short run....Fish were not breaking but pushing or breezing as usual. After a few attempts to get a quiet, stealthy shot we get the perfect opportunity and Sean hooks up on a fantastic surface strike....50 minutes later, and alot of coaching to my angler we have a super fat 58" fish make a swing within gaff shot and I took it and get it right in the jaw. My guy said the happiest moment in his life is when he saw me stick that fish. I contemplate the next moment and want to get the fish on deck and as I heave ho I stumble and the fish comes over the rail and lands flat on me It went from a ho hum day to one Sean will remember for the rest of his life....A big thanks to Scott for calling us in....Scott and I have worked pretty well together this season staying on these fish. You cannot be everywhere at once and finding someone to network with is a great thing to have when your on the tuna hunt! Pics are on Seans camera and will be up later..Back at it Monday..The past few weeks have been pretty ho hum as I find myself in a daily grind to put folks on fish. As someone who fishes as much as I do I have high expectations every trip and after a week or more of crap weather, hammered spots and poor to avg fishing and the like it is soooooo nice to put a fish like this on the deck for someone so new to the game....Kinda rejuvinates me for August too.. So far all of our tuna *13* have been on the tail end of bass trips.....Pretty lucky for those who have been onboard....Hope the karma can continue for all the tuna trips I have booked coming up shortly!

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