Monday, August 18, 2008

Gates of Hades

I had my brother out from Colorado and we fished Fri and Sat....Friday we hit east of chatham for some tuna on the troll fun....It was a bit foggy running out and we were greeted by solid 6-10'ers at the mouth but the speedie sliced right through without catching too much air. We had one on the spinning rod that we casted to that my bro fought for a good 50 minutes before the hook pullled....We picked up and ran inside where I saw giants a few days before tossiing bluefish out of the air and put the spread in and immediately got dumped on a 50 wide!....Luckily he pulled the hook right, otherwise we would of lost the whole shooting match.
Saturday we hit the bank for a tour and hammered codfish on butterfly jigs and had some great topwater tuna action and banged a nice 56" fish on a RONZ topwater bait.... We carefully watched a front forming and barely beat it in before the gates of hades opened up on us with pounding rain and hail....I know alot of people in open boats got caught in that one....glad we didn't!
It was a short trip but always great to see and hang out with my bro.....
Pics coming shortly...

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John said...

Pretty cool stories dudicus.

See you Thurs. AM. Looking forward to it.