Saturday, August 30, 2008

More ramblings!

Well here it is Saturday and I am still sick....Geeeeeeeeeeeeze Louise! I have taken antibiotics and gotten rest when I can but I still have not been able to shake this bug. We have struggled the past week to make it happen but have still hooked up many times on both sides of the cape.
Last week I had John Marchefka and friend and we went 0 for 4 and had several other blowups. These fish are almost too big for the current tackle I have and I plan to respool everything today with 65lb braid and use 80lb leaders from now on....Chaffing 60lb is a common thing the last week.
Yesterday I was east oc Chatham with Eugene White and Tyler Cronin and we struggled to find the bite. The conditions were sloppy at best and the weed was terrible that we eventually shut down and tried to do some butterfly jigging. Got a call from Paulie who said there was some good life back where we started earlier so we picked up and ran back a mile and found the tuna on top....We had a chinese fire drill and got a squid bar in the prop and I eventually had to strip down and go over and cut it free which was no easy task in bobbing 3-4' seas.
We eventually hooked up twice on topwater but didn't land the fish. That bite died so we ran way north and found many schools of slurping tuna in the 30-50lb range *a good thing to see* and for the life of us could not get them to eat....It was getting late so we finally headed to the barn afgter 11 hours on the water....Laying low today.....;)
Good luck out there...

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