Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Tuna

Yesterday mornings forcast was just too tempting to pass up. I through the gear in the boat and picked up Paul Higgins and we ran east of Chatham to try and get another fish on feathers before the long winter sets in. Incredibly we had fish busting on top early on and it lasted all day....I hooked up on the flyrod for a bit but pulled the hook. Setting up on the fish was tough because they were mainly on krill and not feeding agressively. When they switched to sandeels you could easily tell by their more agressive nature. Problem was they just would not form up and stay up long enough and were easily spooked by the boat. Eventually we broke out the popping and jigging rods and hooked 11 more fish. We kept one fish that succumed to the RONZ. Just a phenomeal day for so late in the year. Todays forcast is even better but I am steaking up this fish and getting the boat ready for possibly 2morrow....Hopefully they will blow the forcast as good as the blew it today!

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John LoGioco said...

Hey Capt. Jeff - Good call on running out in the weather gap. You make an interesting point with the feeding behavior of the bluefin on krill versus sand eels - probably the root of many a frustrating day for anglers not in the know. Also congrats on the blog. I subscribed. Being a fisherman for many years I am also trying to do my part for the next generation and my 2 boys in terms of conservation, especially when it comes to the bluefin. I started a site called I would be honored to have you as a member. Membership is of course free, as the purpose of the site is to amplify the conversation about the bluefin from people who care. As you know, often the people who care the most are the ones who have spent time fishing and admiring great species like the bluefin. Hope you pick up this comment while out on the banks as today looks like the wind is down again - at least here in New Jersey. best, John