Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stick a fork in me

I've said it twice already the past week or so but I am retiring the Carla Noelle for the 2008 season. It was a great season with alot of new and repeat customers. We fished later into the seaon due to good weather and fish that stayed around in great numbers. Some pretty incredible memories were etched out for many of you. Next season I will keep the whole month of October open for buisness. I apologize to those who wanted to get out the last week as the weather was good but my gear was SHOT. I need to rebuild all my reels and stock up on more plastics way in advance for next year. Yesteray I needed to run some Stabil through my tank and engine and used it as an opportunity to head up to the bank and look for a fish or two....It was a foggy, misty morning but not too cold which made running in mid Nov not too bad at all....I had Alan Hastebek and is girlfriend Elise onboard to do a little fishing.

First drop we are hooked up and 15 minutes later we pull a nice fish into the boat. We putz around a little longer then decide to head for the barn to save the day for some chores around the homesteads...A nice way to end the season.

I am already looking forward to next season and seeing many of you again. Many repeat customers have already booked for prime dates in June and September. My suggestion is if you want specific dates for next year is to get on the stick and book them before we head into 2009.

I have been doing more speaking engagements this past season and if you would like me to do a speaking engagement for your club or function then please email and we can discuss further.

Thanks for a great 2008 season!

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