Saturday, August 30, 2008

More ramblings!

Well here it is Saturday and I am still sick....Geeeeeeeeeeeeze Louise! I have taken antibiotics and gotten rest when I can but I still have not been able to shake this bug. We have struggled the past week to make it happen but have still hooked up many times on both sides of the cape.
Last week I had John Marchefka and friend and we went 0 for 4 and had several other blowups. These fish are almost too big for the current tackle I have and I plan to respool everything today with 65lb braid and use 80lb leaders from now on....Chaffing 60lb is a common thing the last week.
Yesterday I was east oc Chatham with Eugene White and Tyler Cronin and we struggled to find the bite. The conditions were sloppy at best and the weed was terrible that we eventually shut down and tried to do some butterfly jigging. Got a call from Paulie who said there was some good life back where we started earlier so we picked up and ran back a mile and found the tuna on top....We had a chinese fire drill and got a squid bar in the prop and I eventually had to strip down and go over and cut it free which was no easy task in bobbing 3-4' seas.
We eventually hooked up twice on topwater but didn't land the fish. That bite died so we ran way north and found many schools of slurping tuna in the 30-50lb range *a good thing to see* and for the life of us could not get them to eat....It was getting late so we finally headed to the barn afgter 11 hours on the water....Laying low today.....;)
Good luck out there...

Monday, August 25, 2008

FinAddiction Ramblings

It's been a good week fishing wise for tuna. Went back out with Lloyd and his brother in law and nephew. A slower day but we hooked up twice and eventually landed the second one. Lloyds a great fisherman....Wish I could say the same for the bro in law and nephew! Always a pleasure Lloyd..;-)
Next day we went east of chatham with Tyler and the boys.....This is a yearly event and we went 4 for 4 on large butterballs. Just truly beautiful fish. We stayed way clear of the fleet and it paid off well.
Yesterday I had John Fletcher onboard and we went 0 for 2 up north on light tackle....We hooked up early and John fought the fish and good hour and twenty plus minutes before he chaffed us off on 60lb leader. We got a look at him several times and he appeared to be mid 60 inch class. We hooked up again and could not move this fish at all....After 15 minutes he shook the hook. We called it early due to the fact I was coming down under the weather and had to take today off as well to deal with being sick....*uugh*....
Hopefully back at it 2morrow!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

4 for

Four for four today for light tackle tuna....Two on top and two jigged up. Several other short strikes....Had John Brawley and Joel Meunier onboard. The boys kept the second fish and released the other 3. It's been a great week tuna fishing on light tackle on the Carla Noelle...Pics hopefully this weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 for

2 for 9 that is....And what a morning it was!...Lloyd Eliseo was wanting to get onboard and we finally were able to get out but the NW was honking and seas were big beyond Race Point but in my gut I knew the fish were chewing if we could get there.....9 topwater hookups and many more boils and short strikes and two fish to the boat with a 60"incher in the box. 6-8' seas kept us on our toes all morning that will keep us smiling all winter....
Yesterday I had a busmans holiday with Gilly and we broke in the new Trevella spin rods on both tuna and cod...
Pics when I get a chance!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gates of Hades

I had my brother out from Colorado and we fished Fri and Sat....Friday we hit east of chatham for some tuna on the troll fun....It was a bit foggy running out and we were greeted by solid 6-10'ers at the mouth but the speedie sliced right through without catching too much air. We had one on the spinning rod that we casted to that my bro fought for a good 50 minutes before the hook pullled....We picked up and ran inside where I saw giants a few days before tossiing bluefish out of the air and put the spread in and immediately got dumped on a 50 wide!....Luckily he pulled the hook right, otherwise we would of lost the whole shooting match.
Saturday we hit the bank for a tour and hammered codfish on butterfly jigs and had some great topwater tuna action and banged a nice 56" fish on a RONZ topwater bait.... We carefully watched a front forming and barely beat it in before the gates of hades opened up on us with pounding rain and hail....I know alot of people in open boats got caught in that one....glad we didn't!
It was a short trip but always great to see and hang out with my bro.....
Pics coming shortly...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Did my first east of chatham trolling trip today with Jimmy Ellis and Paul Higgins. We went 2 for 3 in the am with fish from 57-59"...Really nice butterball fish. Sushi 2nite for friends and family!
Full moon this weekend will probably slow things down but things look good for next week...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Scott Simard and I had 6 solid hookups but only landed one fish which happened to be the first which we carefully released. The next 5 either broke off on the initial run or pulled or opened hooks....There were some real bruisers out there today.....
Had a chance to throw some line with the new Biscayne 18wt but didn't get tight...Scotts not used to driving for a fly flinger but I got him thinking in the right direction now....;) Back at it in the am....

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun week.......

Spent the last week doing bass charters off Chatham. It was a much needed break and we did pretty good in the rips with squid patterns and plastics. Figuring out the right tides to fish takes a bit of time on the water but I was helped by my buddy Alan Hastebek who has been fishing down there his whole life....
Back to P town yesterday where we put the hurt on 1olb bluefish with feathers and plastics and a few keeper bass.
Tuna charters are filling up my coming schedule so we will be on the hunt starting next week!
Till next time....

Monday, August 4, 2008

15 bass today

All over 30" with the biggest around 39" taken on squid flies and plastics.....It was a decent day to be out and very comfortable OTW being a non commercial day.....Only two bluefish today and only one lost jig.....;))