Friday, February 3, 2012


For some odd reason I have never booked many trips in the last two weeks of May. I'd like to change that this year and fish solid straight into June.  As always, June fills up fast and my June calendar as of this posting has 10 days left in it.  I highly encourage anyone looking for some light tackle / flyfishing action on striped bass to look at the last couple weeks of May.  I put this posting up on FB and booked the 30th and 31.....I am also in the process of creating an email list, *something I should of had long before now*.  If you would like to be on the list, shoot me an email at and I will add you to it. 
It has been a very warm winter for us to date and we all wonder if this will start things earlier than normal.  Regardless, it won't be long before the first fly line snaps taught as a flatwing drops to the surface and disappears into the flowing current.....One long strip....pause...two quick....pause and all the cobwebs of winter have now disappeared as the first fish of the season makes a nice solid run.....

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