Saturday, February 25, 2012

Almost March!

Winter is cranking along.  I have been recuperating from MOHS surgery on my nose.  Seems I got some basal cell skin cancer and it had to be cut out.  Much more intrusive surgery than I had hoped for.  I have some more appts with the doc that will involve dermabrasion to smooth it out and possibly some laser work.  Ahhhh the perils of having a day to day job in the sun!!
Things are weird this winter.  So weird in fact that the Right Whales have returned to feed in the bay about a month early!  What does this mean?  Maybe nothing.  Year after year predictions are made as to when the striped bass will show up.  If the winter is warmer than normal, people make the prediction the bass will show early.  They never really do and I have come to believe it has to do with the length of days vs the water temp.  BUT!..that was until THIS crazy winter which never really was winter.  Bulbs are sprouting, whales are breaching and here it is still Feb.....So what this all means is I plan to have the boat ready May1st for trips!  I wouldn't recommend travelling from afar to hit early May with me but if your fairly close and want to get a jump on the season then MAY might be for you. 
Other things of note, I have really been working hard on my photography skills...I swear it is like a full time job learning all the features on your camera and PP *post processing*.  Post Processing *Photoshop* is really an art within itself.  I bought a new lens to use on the boat this year for close up work and am really looking forward to putting it to use....
As for the email list, I have struggled trying to send all my fishing contacts an email as a group.  My server bounced it back and I am still not sure how to send a mass email to my fishing contact list!!!....Anybody using a MAC wants to shoot me an email and unlock the mystery is more than welcome and I would much appreciate!!...Till next tide.......


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