Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well the saying that boat stands for "break out another thousand" couldn't be truer. I dumped my boat in the water after endless hours working to get her ready for the season....Did the break in procedure as specified and got to run her up to 4k rpms where she comfortably runs at 26kts....We even managed to fish and catch a few...On the trailer ride home I smelled brakes burning and pulled over and discovered my left front caliper froze shut on my F-250 piece of crap. Being cramped for time I took it in and was floored at the cost to replace the caliper with brake shoes!....Should of done it myself...Oh well..
Boat is back at the dealership where they are troubleshooting the suzuki fuel gauge which doesn't work....
Ordered some combing trim today.......New radio this week as well...Looks like I need a new transducer as too!....
Oh well....;-)
On the customer front, I had to cancel two days with a couple guys from Belgium because of my mechancial woes....Truly sorry Serge, we will make it happen next year!

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