Saturday, October 4, 2008

Six to Eights

with the tops blowing off....That's what we had today. Jim Miller and Todd Cox were brave enough souls to slug it out with mother nature this morning. We had a stiff westerly of 15 with gusts to 20 which just made fishing miserable. Jim managed to stick one on topwater which he fought for one hour before the hook pulled for no apparent reason.....Fairly soon after, Todd hooked up blind casting the 18wt and fought his fish for an hour as well. As the fish circled the boat 20' out we watched the 4/0 /Sashimi Special fall out of the corner of the fishes mouth....That was hard to swallow.....The seas were relentless so we called it early and headed in.....A bittersweet outing for sure but it was good to see the boys hooked up for as long as they were...
Forget the economy and doomsday news....If this doesn't cheer you up...NOTHING will!

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