Thursday, October 16, 2008

This past week...

Has been pretty awesome fishing for bluefin. Good numbers of fish have been around down deep and on top. It has almost gotten too easy to jig fish up anymore and we have done more feather trips than spin trips of late.

Here are a few pics of Chip Cornell and John Brawley from this past week. I also had Steve Moore and his buddy Ken onboard for a morning of tuna fishing and we had phenomenal top water action and I got some good video of it all which I hope to get up at some point.

I also changed the name of my blog so that other addicted tuna fisherman might find our little corner in the world.


John said...

Jeff - it is Chip Cornell, not Quail. But I think I might start calling him "The Quail" now.

I'll be out with some bivalves in the next few weeks.


Capt. Jeff Smith said...

Hey John

Thanks for the heads up but I agree the Quail monkiker fits him better than the Cornell..;)