Friday, October 3, 2008

Windy Days and Breezy Nites

Sounds like a line from a country western hit but it is what we have been dealing with lately here on the Cape. It is the norm as I have come to find out living here but damned we need to get out and get back on the fish before it's all said and done. I still have many trips lined up for the next 2 weeks so am hopeful the weather will be on our sides.
My good pal Jeffrey Cardenas and his friend John Aplanalp are scheduled to fish with me in a week as well....Poor Jeffrey has the fevah BAD it appears and I for one certainly understand it. There is something special and serene and one with nature hooking these magnificent fish on the flyrod. I can't explain it but those who have accomplished this feat surely understand what I'm talking about.
I got some good reports from some of the commercials with the 40' boats who were able to get out and they were seeing alot of the size of fish we are after on the sounder and sporadic feeds on top. For those of you that are hoping to get out the next few weeks I would be at church praying for good weather every chance i got until you get here.
I have about two more weeks of chartering lined up then it's off to upstate NY for a short trip to see Doc and family as well as pick up a few cases of that good Canandaigua Valley red wine. Apple and pumpkin picking with my girls will be the agenda. Thoughts of crashing tuna and greased flylines coming tight will race through my mind but seeing my little girl stroll through a pumpkin patch with a smile and dirty kneepants will bring me back to one of the few things I love more than fishing and that is my family....I've got the best of both worlds and am thankful for that!
Feather trip 2morrow....stay tuned....

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