Wednesday, June 24, 2009

After the gale!

Today I had Dick Carroll and Suse Ikutu onboard.  These guys have been friends of mine for many years and have been fishing with me every summer for the last 6 or 7...  We started kinda slow in the pea soup fog and caught some schoolies then it was out to the meat house where Suse took a very large fish on his first cast.  He caught several more there all in the 12 to 20lb range.  We ran a bit and it got sloppy...Found some open water schools of bass and were doubled up repeatively for the next hour on big bass and monster bluefish.  
We decided to see if the tuna were still around and found the whales and were blind casting to tuna and had 25lb bass come up and inhale the Got Stryper topwater baits.  We had several tuna boils but they just would not commit.  From there we ran back inshore and found some topwater bass fishing that was world class....Fish after fish, all 15 to 30lbs on top, in the column.  Dick stuck with the flyrod and scored several 20lb fish.  Suse stuck with plastic and scored many as well...It was stupid fishing and didnt get any better!!


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Jeff: once again, these fish were Monsta's, and I have a lot of fun with fly rods from your boat. Great striper fishing.