Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well it has been blowing a gale the last 3 days.  I tried to get a couple sports from the UK onto fish yesterday in the lee up at P town.  Found the lee but the fish were not there.  Surface temp was 42 to 45 degrees...Down almost 20 degrees from a couple days prior.  
My radar quit working.  That is not good....I hope to troubleshoot it sometime today and hopefully it is just a loose connection, fuse or other simple fix.
Lost 3 trips this week due to the weather.  Not good...When the wind turns around to the west and warms things up these fish are gonna eat hard....
This weather did allow me to spend time with my girls and host our first 09 sushi party and entertain a bit even tho it was a bit chilly.  Geeze we even turned on the gas fireplace to get warmed up....Global warming..???..Hell it is almost July...I guess this is my payback for all the warm days in the bahamas this winter....
Last week I had Richard Regan and John Kaufmann onboard...Richard wrote a report on The Angling Post about his experience fishing with me....You can check out the report here.

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