Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hot damned!

What a day we had today.  Shawn Rayder and his uncle Mike were on board for a full day bass trip...We hammered the bass all day early on in the rain and later in the sun....We went and took a peek for charlie and found them at lunch but a stick boat ran over the busting school...We went back to bass fishing and were ready to call it a day when Scott called and said they were doubled up where we left em earlier...We made the short run back and went 1 for 6 on bites...Got some GREAT video of the takes....
Nice way to break in the new Stella 1800!!....June 4th and here we are catching big tuna!!..We also caught a huge bluefish so does that make an Outer Cape Slam? ;)

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FishMD said...

Hey, let's see that video!!