Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bass fishing is top shelf

It's been an odd week chartering. I had two last minute cancellations that left me hanging so spent a day OTW with buds chasing tuna. Scott Simard and Rocco the muscle man and I head out in Roccos beautiful 26 Regulator...This trip was just what the doctor ordered...No stress as I was just along for the ride. We hit the numerous breezing fish that had been showing and it wasn't long before I got crushed on an Ocean Lure swimming mackeral. We lost the fish after a minute but it was a pig none the less....The day wore on and I even downed a few ice cold bud lights...We got tight a total of 10 times but all fish spit the hook but one which I hooked and Rocco landed in less than 3 minutes..
Bass fishing has been top shelf the last week....We have just CRUSHED them on Lt and fly...Yesterday we boated 30 plus fish over 34 inches in just over 3 hours of fishing......
My schedule is only half full so if you would like to get out on the water then give me a jingle...

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Matt said...

have to ask, where you were for all this
code words are totally ok!