Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Team Ludwig

Mike and Kevin Ludwig joined me today for a LT tuna outing....We ran to the grounds and it didn't seem overly fishy....A bit but not like you are hoping for....Within 5 minutes we were tight to our first tuna of the day.. The fish burned off many yards of backing but we paced it and when things settled down applied the wood to him. At 40 minutes the hook pulls while Kevin is in the harness....ugggh!
Things settle down and we get another boil on plastic but he doesnt connect....Big bass do however and we release many bass in excess of 20lbs. Eventually it died off and we made a run to another area and were pretty much all by ourselves...Whales were showing with many birds...We shut down and started blind casting. After 10 minutes we got tight on the sea cucumber and had the fish boatside in 10 when the hook pulled!..uggh squared!
We rig back up, this time with big rubbah and Kevin gets two huge boils on a got stryper rubbah bait....The third time he inhaled it and after 20 minutes we have a fish to the gaff. We finished the day chasing breezers in the slop with a few opportunites but with the gift of one and the day winding down we were content to head in...
Great guys that I hope to fish with again in the future...

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