Monday, September 21, 2009


The last couple days have been EPIC ....Not just because we have caught some phenomenal tuna on light tackle but because we have witnessed hundreds and hundreds of tuna blasting halfbeeks out of the water....Several times you would look as far as the eye can see and see white water and tuna jumping clear of the water blasting beeks. Not just one here and one there....I mean 360 degrees around the boat.....Wish to god I had a 300 mm lens for my still....I could of gotten some killer shots.
Today I had Marvin Lewiton onboard for a light tackle tuna....Right off the bat Marvin hooks up on the jig a RONZ and after a 30 minute tug of war in the harness I poon a 69" fish. Our largest this year on the spin. After some photos and prep we move out to yesterdays numbers and get back on the halfbeek action....It isnt long till my Ocean Lure Halfbeek gets CREAMED but I lose him on the set....I am giddy from just witnessing the greatest surface hit I have had in my chartering career!!
We get creamed a few more times but drop the fish due to poor hooksets...Eventually I come tight and with a drop down plate I whip another high 60 inch fish in short order to the boat...It is green boatside and we struggle to get it under control and I mean STRUGGLE...We pop the ocean lure out and the fish kicks and is on his way...A couple of high fives and we are back on it....Marvin knows I want one on the fly so drives the boat and it isnt long before I get tight on the Loomis 15. After a searing run the hook pulls...*sigh* but hey its the take that is 90 percent of the fun.....We put the fly away and Marvin is game for one more and gets crushed on the OCEAN HALFBEEK once again.....I leader and pop the lure out after a 10 minute battle and the fish is screaming away.....
Just a killer day OTW..........;)

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Sol said...

Sounds as if you and Marvin had a terrific day. Hope you left a few fish for later in the week. We will bring our fly gear, just in case....