Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snuck one in before the blow

I had Tom Leonard and crew and we decided to try and get one last trip in before the strong N-NE. Due to the forcast I opted to run out into the bay but didn't like what I found early on. NOAA blew the forcast and it was pretty flat so we opted to make the long run to where I have been fishing and it paid off immediately upon arrival. Tom got tight on a RONZ and fought the fish for 20 minutes until the hook pulled. During the whole fight I had a huge school under the boat so we wasted no time in getting back to fishing. After a few, Chuck hooks up and we are off to the races again. The fish was really hot and making Chuck do the tango. We decided to pass the rod off with everyone onboard in hopes of getting the fish in asap. No dice, the fish would have no part of it and after two turns each on the rod and over an hour we finally get color.
We end the game with a nice poon shot. Everybody is spent and we make the long run back to P town with a nice 67" fish in a saltwater brine.....
Great day OTW with Tom Leonard and crew!

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