Monday, September 7, 2009

Guides Day

Today was a gift...I had the day free and Gil and Josh, both fly and light tackle captains and I had not fished together yet this year. So we piled in my boat and headed east...It was pretty lumpy and not alot of life but we found small pods of birds and jumping tuna underneath. Airoborne tuna. They were on some small 3 to 5 inch baitfish that we couldnt identify.....It wasn't long till I hooked up and fought the first fish which appeared high 50 inch range to the boat....The fish took a RONZ down deep and was released boatside. We putz around some more and hear that the fleet is not doing much at all and moving farther SE....We decide to stay put and are shortly rewarded hooking up to fish #2.....Josh fights this one hard with a ton of pressure but this fish is much bigger than the first....After 45 minutes and just 20; under the boat the owner hook opens up and the fish is free.....We never got a look at it but were guessing high 60 inch range.
Gil is up now and i approach a small pod of birds and before you know it, Gil gets drilled on an Ocean Lure halfbeak right at the boat....After a searing run it comes unbuttoned......
We decide to head a bit north and find bird pile after bird pile with nobody on them....In short order Josh is hooked up on an Ocean Lure swimming mackeral. After a killer battle, I poon the fish in the head and we have one for the box.
Great day fishing with these guys and wish we did it more often!

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