Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Fishing Forecast......

Hi folks, Just a heads up on my predictions for the 2011 season. As many of you know, they are having one of their best years ever on bluefin tuna down off N.C. These are the fish we see up here in June-August. I predict we are going to have the same action they are having. I'm very excited to be fishing the new boat for tuna this year. There will be no shortcomings in any department. From the fully bolstered cockpit, tuna door, state of the art electronics and tackle, we will have all the bases covered. I am spending alot of time looking at tackle options for tuna right now and will have a full arsenal of high quality stuff that will put the hurt on these fish. I hope you can make the effort to get out with me this season. We have fought many battles to keep this fishery open. Whether your looking for jigging and popping big bluefin or thinking about setting a world record bluefin on the fly, this is the season to do it....;)


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