Monday, April 4, 2011


I had Chatham Canvas stitch the curtains for the new ride....Cliff showed up today and under cover in the rain we installed the new panels and drilled, punched and crimped the new snaps in where they were needed. I am pretty impressed with his workmanship and am glad I chose him to do the job. The boat will have gull wings that can zip on and off for those nasty trips in quartering seas. It will help keep us dry and block the cold late spring, fall air and make our runs much more enjoyable.
As I stated earlier, I am the newest member of the SIMRAD Pro Staff and products will shortly be arriving in the mail. I am anxious and exicited to start installing the equipment. The stuff is really going to set us apart from the normal trailerable center console!
What else, I have been researching rod blanks to build some new tuna sticks on. I have not finalized my choice yet but should shortly.
I have also decided to trade in my trailer and purchase a new one. There are some issues with the current trailer and I really cannot afford to be dealing with trailer issues this season with the new boat.
It's taking some serious $$ and effort to get this girl where she needs to be but I think my customers are really gonna lover her....;)


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