Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christmas in April

The past month has been a very productive month for me in regards to my fishing buisness. It has been incredible no less. The Pro Staff deal with SIMRAD is going to take my buisness to the next level.
UPS showed up today and dropped off a half dozen boxes of goodies with SIMRAD labels on them. I got them in the garage and started to methodically open each one and stood in amazement at the fit and finish of each piece that arrived. With the curtains being finished two days ago, I felt it was the perfect time to take the cover off the boat. She looks purdy with the new curtains installed and I stood there and envisioned her decked out with her SIMRAD goodies and day dreamed into June.....Ahh yes, it won't be long!!!
Many other Pro Staff deals have developed due to this association. In all relates to a better package for YOU the customer.
Stay tuned as I take pictures of the install of this new equipment!

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