Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The triple whammy!

I have 3 cameras in my arsenal and all three are now broke in one way or the other....It aint pretty....My SONY HD camcoder fell out of the case late this summer and got saltwater on it....DEAD....My Sony pocket cam fell off the counter due to an accident and now my main camera my SONY A100 DSLR fell and hit the floor courtesy of one of our cats!!....Uuuugh....Sony service wants a min $230 flat fee to work on the body....It seems I can get a almost new body on ebay for less so I guess that is the route I am taking....Not sure where to go with the works but wont take a charge....The pocket cam is junk....
I have been wanting to get out and take some pics on the flats since I went clamming the other day....bear with me...I'll figure out something soon!! \"/

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