Thursday, March 24, 2011


I really need to start taking more video on the boat. No excuses, just gotta start doing it. I have a slick Sony HD Cam but have struggled with the downloading and editing software compatibility.
So with that, I rarely took it out of its case last season.
The new GoPro video cameras have been getting rave reviews so i got one an am looking forward to using it this season. Take a look at this test vid I did the other day.....It is strapped to my chest while laying out some flyline in the street. Now envision this strapped on YOUR chest and filming the topwater action in front of you....Yeah!...pretty slick!!...Now if I can just figure out how to splice it with the sony video and edit it all, we will have some really cool stuff!!

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lorin said...

call me bro....I can help you.