Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Early season striper trips

For a limited time, I am offering striper trips the last half of May at a reduced rate. The reduced rate will be $550 for a full day. The normal full day rate is $700.00. Please contact me for further info.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday...3/28....Captains Log.....

Good morning blog fans. It was a productive weekend. I finally plumbed my outdoor shower and all I'm waiting on is for the temps to stay above freezing to turn it on. I did a couple much needed dump runs and took my daughter to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Orleans Playhouse.
As I sit down this morning to get to work on many fishing buisness related projects, my mind drifts forward a couple months to when the striped bass arrive in droves. For some reason, I have never booked many trips these last two weeks of May. Sometimes the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend can be some of the best striped bass fishing of the year! Come June 1st I am flat out booked for the whole month, in fact I only have ONE date open as of this writing, the 5th. I would really like to be doing some trips the last week of May to throw me into June. If you wanted to go striped bass fishing in June and I was already booked, then I highly suggest you look at the last week of May.
Lots of interest in tuna fishing the past few years. We were one of the pioneers in perfecting tackle and techniques in the school bluefin tuna fishery craze that started over 10 years ago off Cape Cod. Back then, you could count the number of guides on one hand who were good at finding these fish and getting you hooked up. Today there are dozens of guides who advertise for school bluefin tuna trips. Before making your decision on who to book, find out how long the captain has been fishing for school bluefin tuna, the equipment they carry, and their success rate. Are they local or are they from some distant state trailering up to only capitalize on the success of the local captains who have etched this fishery into what it is?
I'm fairly passionate about this fishery as you can see.
As far as tackle goes, bluefin tuna tackle is state of the art. It is simply amazing the size of fish we can whip on light tackle *spinning rods*. The power and lightness of today's top of the line rods is incredible. Reels with the ability to sustain 30lbs of consistent drag and hold up and superlines so thin and strong you are able to put 4-500 yards on a reel.
We carry it all on our boat and know that the success of any captain today with the caliber of fish that we have is directly related to his experience AND the equipment he carries.
Well blog fans, my coffee cup is empty and my email light is flashing. I must get back to the other tasks at hand into putting this business in the water come May!!...
Till next tide....;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I really need to start taking more video on the boat. No excuses, just gotta start doing it. I have a slick Sony HD Cam but have struggled with the downloading and editing software compatibility.
So with that, I rarely took it out of its case last season.
The new GoPro video cameras have been getting rave reviews so i got one an am looking forward to using it this season. Take a look at this test vid I did the other day.....It is strapped to my chest while laying out some flyline in the street. Now envision this strapped on YOUR chest and filming the topwater action in front of you....Yeah!...pretty slick!!...Now if I can just figure out how to splice it with the sony video and edit it all, we will have some really cool stuff!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Site

I spent the last week building a new website for . As you know it is my charters buisness website. I felt it was time to refresh the old site especially since I lost access to it when my last pc got riddled with viruses.
So here it is...I am pretty happy with it....How would today's design folks call it? "very contemporary and edgy". haha...
I am also excited that we are about to close on an electronics deal for the new boat. I really don't wan't to say anything until it is etched in stone so stay tuned!!
Curtains are still being worked on....Cover should come off the boat soon and I can start getting some of the real work done...
As far as bookings go, June is full except for just a couple days....I have no intention of pushing those days but if you do want to go in June then I will take you if I have any openings left. But don't despair!, July is a hot month for stripers and the bluefin are generally eating pretty good till mid month. So get on the horn and make a shout out to me and let's work out some dates for you or your party...
Fin Addiction Charters

Friday, March 18, 2011

A word about SPONSORS

I wanted to take 5 minutes this morning and talk about sponsors. Without sponsors, my buisness would not be able to operate. These buisnesses are the glue behind Fin Addiction Charters. Without them, it would be hard to maintain our level of quality. They keep my tackle boxes full, my reels filled with fresh line, my rod racks gleaming with fine jewelry, my boat safely navigating through the ugliest weather.
I'm in the process of getting a few new sponsors for this season and wanted to stop and say *thanks* to all who have supported me and who keep my operation running.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rolling into Spring.......

It's that time of year where the sun is a bit higher in the sky, the days are a little brighter and attention gets focused on getting the new boat ready for another great fishing season.
Chatham Canvas is now stitching the 5 piece curtains. I worked for 2 days undercover with owner Cliff mocking up the patterns and installing the permanent rails.
Electronics choice has some exciting possibilities. I'm being quiet until I know the final outcome, but I do expect to see the boat fully equipped with the latest state of the art electronic goodies.
I'm building a new website and I predict I will be able to launch it within a few weeks at the latest. It will center around all the great pictures we have taken the past couple years and have a clean, new professional look.
Once I start the electronics install I will post pictures of my progress......